Examples of what we actually do:


1) ASAC educates women about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

  • Publishes Birth Issues magazine (Current options in pregnancy, birth and parenting)
  • Extensive library of books, periodicals and DVD’s
  • Wealthy resource of information on midwifery, doulas, VBAC
  • Free lecture series
  • Guest speaker special events
  • Fact Sheets
  • Outreach to general public at Mom Pop & Tot Fair, Women’s Shows, Baby fairs

2) ASAC creates community and support for new families

  • Weekly playgroup
  • Monthly meetings
  • Birth movie screenings
  • Support other local birthing groups such as DAE, VBAC and AAM

3) ASAC is working to increase the number of midwives in Northern Alberta

  • Lobby for midwifery education
  • Political action - rallies, letter writing campaigns

4) ASAC improves birthing conditions for local women

  • Donating birth stools to Lois Hole Hospital
  • Campaigning to change water birth bans at local hospitals
  • Encourage cooperation between local childbirth care providers