Election 2015

News Release:  Action Plan on how Alberta can Address Maternity Care Options in the Election Campaign

News Release:  April 22, 2015 From the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (ASAC)

Action Plan on how Alberta can Address Maternity Care Options in the Election Campaign:

Thank you for your interest in helping us gain the attention of the Alberta Government during the current election campaign so we can help create a healthier Alberta.  Providing additional options for maternity care, and the responsible use of finite health care dollars, ensures that families can feel safe and supported in a progressive Alberta – Making it a province of choice for families drawn to its quality of life. Our goal is to address the need for increased access to Maternity care options in Alberta. We will reach this goal by focusing on three critical initiatives:

  1. Educating Albertans on Maternity care choices
  2. Change funding model so Midwifery is under Alberta Health
  3. Address need to reach underserved rural populations

Women need choices about where, with whom and how to birth.  The current funding model for Midwifery services must adapt to ensure maternity dollars follow mothers and babies, not caregivers.  Maternity care provided by midwives must be more widely recognized as an essential service and should be joined under Alberta Health. Based on an $1172 cost savings for a midwife-assisted birth, and the approximate 55,000 babies born in Alberta, the Alberta government could save millions of dollars by changing the funding model and utilizing Midwifery to its full capacity.

How to Become Involved:

Sign our petition here.

Send Letter here

Complete letter by adding your name and address, date, name of candidate and riding, and signature.

  1. Premier: jimprentice@pcalberta.com
  2. Health Minister: stephenmandel@pcalberta.com
  3. ASAC: maternityvotes2015@gmail.com

Please use “Alberta needs increased access to Maternity Care Options” in the subject **You may also want to include in the body of your email a personal story about how the current lack of Maternity Care options affected you from having your birth of choice.

  • We welcome posts on our Facebook page once you have sent a letter and any responses you have received:https://www.facebook.com/groups/EdmontonASAC/
  • Contact your local candidates on social media letting them know you have sent a letter.
  • Use hashtags #maternitycarecrisis #ableg #abvote whenever possible to have most impact
  • Follow and Tag us on twitter:  @ASAC_Childbirth

A survey will be sent to all the candidates asking for their viewpoints on some key Maternity care topics.   We will post the responses once they are received.

Please direct any questions to: Dana Weatherhead VP External at Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth  vp_external@asac.ab.ca 780-887-0725