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Erin Mayou was introduced to the world of birth when she accidentally attended a friend’s postpartum visit with her doula: Claire MacDonald. By the end of hearing her friend’s birth story her life path had been altered. After submitting the birth story of her first child she found editing cathartic and decided to join the team as an editor so she could help other women gain the clarity and perspective that she needed for her own birth. This cycle has come home, as she takes the reins of Birth Issues and dedicates the next phase of her life towards advocacy on behalf of birthing women.


Thea Luig is a music instrument maker turned medical anthropologist. After years of back and forth between Berlin, Germany, and the beautiful Canadian North, she now lives in Edmonton with her partner and 2-year old son Roel. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher working in the area of obesity management.

Isabella Sanchez is thrilled to have embarked on a wonderful journey that has ultimately led her to midwifery school. She is currently completing her second year of studies in the Bachelor of Midwifery program in Calgary. Other than the practical opportunities of midwifery work, Isabella’s favourite part of the program is researching, writing and editing about all-things-birth.

Dawn Wickhorst is a professional birth and baby photographer based out of Alberta. She is the mother of 5 children and a passionate, aspiring birth advocate. She has and continues to dedicate many hours to learning and experiencing birth and motherhood in all forms.

Catherine Mary Disnard lives in Edmonton with her husband and baby girl Adelaide.  Her background is in cultural anthropology and she is a government researcher focusing on First Nations children. When not reading and writing, she loves travel, photography, yoga, belly dance, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.


Joëlle Bakker is the mom of the three sweetest boys in the world. She is a dental assistant and medical transcriptionist who is passionate about midwifery, birth, and all things motherhood. She enjoys coffee, chasing kids, music, the mountains, reading, and beating her husband at board games.

Niko Palmer is the mother of 4 children all born with a midwife and in water. She is also a German language teacher and doula.


Morgan is a single mom of one babe. She enjoys angry feminist spoken word, lattes, and arguing with her mother over the importance of extended breastfeeding. To her, “bettering birth” simply means women having the right to make informed choices. While she dabbled in doula-ing, Morgan is going to school in the fall to study secondary education.


Birth Issues is currently looking for a new Distribution Co-ordinator. If you love ASAC, supporting women and maternity care, and social networking this could be a great volunteer opportunity for you. If you are interested in finding out more information, or volunteering, please contact

Thank you to Michelle Neraasen, our out-going Distribution Co-ordinator, for her time spent in this position.

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