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We would love for you to volunteer with us! We are always looking for people interested in being added to our volunteer mailout list. Please contact volunteer@asac.ab.ca to receive emails regarding future volunteer opportunities for upcoming events.

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Volunteer with Birth Issues!

Lotus Bellycast by Crystal Driedger

Lotus Bellycast by Crystal Driedger

Birth Issues has always been about community and sees itself as a community organizer. As such we recognize that Birth Issues is a platform for:

– Writers, editors and students to learn the ropes of publishing.

– Local businesses and professionals to share their knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, give back to the community, advertise their servivces and to tap into this large group of birthing families.

– Families to share their success stories, reminding them and the mainstream that birth, and even labour, can be a joyous event.

– A safe place for families to share their traumatic births, offering a perspective of how their birth relates to cultural norms, offering understanding, and standing as a witness for their trauma. Sometimes it means holding care providers and even government accountable.

– Students to use editing as a way to apply and deepen their knowledge of obstetrics: What would you advise and think of during this birth? What has the author forgotten to mention? What do you know about this issue? What research should be added?

– Researchers and students to publish and disseminate their findings. Students can submit their class papers too!


Birth Issues is always in need of volunteers, so do contact us if you would like to contribute in any or all of these capacities.


To be an editor or proofreaderemail bi_editor@asac.ab.ca

To submit a story, article, poem or birth announcementemail bi_editor@asac.ab.ca

To stuff the magazine in enveloppes on mail-out dayemail bi_distribution@asac.ab.ca

To distribute the magazine in your office or communityemail bi_distribution@asac.ab.ca